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Camera & Photography Tuition

Have you got a shiny new camera, but still prefer to use your phone for photos as it's easier than trying to figure out how to use it properly? Do you just want to stop using Auto all the time?

I get asked all the time about what's the best setting to use, or how do you get the blurry I'm delighted to be offering tuition and workshops on camera basics which will answer all of these questions and more for you!

Anyone that knows me will know that I'm not a techy person, so I promise this will be a relaxed, easy to follow workshop to help you get the best from your camera and photography. Workshops will be held at the lovely Balmakewan Farm Shop & Cafe, giving us lots of lovely spots to put what you've learned into practice. A limited number of places are available for each course to ensure there's plenty of time to work with everyone.

Some lovely feedback from our first workshop: "I purchased my camera 3yrs ago and it's safe to say it has not been used very often.  This was mostly due to not knowing fully how it worked and in not being confident in arranging my subjects correctly.  I attended your first camera workshop and I have learnt so much from you during that day. The day itself was very laid back, avoided techy jargon, and had lovely booklets that we could write our own notes about our own specific cameras.  I now feel more confident taking photographs, and I hope to be able to capture my nieces and nephews when they are home in the summer in a new light.  Thank you again, and I would highly recommend your course to any photography hobbyists."

One to one tuition is also available - whether it's for our camera basics or if you'd like to learn more about how to edit & catalogue your images, content is tailored to your needs.

Upcoming workshop dates for 2019 are Saturday 23rd March & Saturday 4th May - just £99 per person for the full day (includes lunch), get in touch to book your place!